EVERYTHING Bundle, 14 Items With Bonuses

I’m combining everything I have in a single bundle for one low price. This also includes new items like 130+ new edges and even more textures in the Swag Bag Texture Collection.

Before the bundle had fewer items and now it includes even more for an even better price too. Have a great 2013 with my entire set of tutorials, edges, actions and plug-ins to make your life easier and books and tutorials to help you make more money.

Here’s everything in the pack:

  • Smart Secrets Book (mix of hot topics: creativity, business, pricing, technical)
  • Powerful Sales Secrets Book (techniques for high ticket sales)
  • Lightroom Workflow DVD (3 hours of training to be even faster)
  • Photoshop CS6 Tutorial DVD (4+ hours on fast retouching to total enhancement)
  • Painting Brushes & Tutorial DVD (for making paintings)
  • Contessa Fleurs & Brushes (for adding elements or distressing an image)
  • Power Pack Actions (7 big categories of buttons for photoshop that do it all)
  • Edgy Edges Vol 1 (a year’s worth of edge, 176 to use on canvas, albums, etc)
  • Edgy Edges Vol 2 (Over 130 more edges even more different from Vol 1)
  • Swag Bag of Textures (make a normal background unique with 200 textures and overlays)
  • Wall Collage Design Templates (Sell more wall trios and collages by designing them in minutes)
  • Portfolio DVD (for inspiration on poses and lighting)
  • Slideshow Tutorial DVD (Learn how to use a few different programs to make unique slideshows)
  • Bonus Disk (My current Lightroom presets and some new actions for retro photos)
  • Bonus – Silver Membership, 1 month of access to all articles and extra video tutorials at BryCoxWORKSHOPS.com
And here’s more details on each item. You can also see more details on each item in the store.

Lightroom 4 Workflow Tutorial DVD
Almost 3 HOURS of neat Lightroom workflow tricks and techniques for being super fast and efficient! See how he uses each module to get through images quickly. Learn at your own pace, review, and rewind. Newly updated for Lr4!

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial DVD
With over 4½ HOURS of new CS6 training, you’ll not just see what’s new, but you’ll learn techniques to use any version faster. You’ll really hit the ground running then when you upgrade. Learn Bry’s fast retouching techniques, how to make a 1-click signature action button, how to make and use edges, actions, textures, and many more.

Painting Brushes and Tutorial DVD
Don’t sell many paintings? They’re impossible to sell without first having a mock up to show, but you don’t want to spend a week doing that unless your client buys it first…but your client won’t pay for something they can’t imagine. So instead of days and hours, create a finished, custom, and amazing painting BEFORE they come in, and do it in just minutes! Use these special brushes and this technique and you won’t need any software other than Photoshop to get incredible results!

Smart Secrets Book & Bonus Portfolio DVD
Bry’s details three pillars of your success, Creativity, Technical, and Business with inspiring and quick detail. Also includes his portfolio DVD with tons of images for inspiration on poses and lighting.

Powerful Sales Secrets Book
& Bonus Disk of Wall Collage Design Templates
Bry’s secrets of high ticket sales, plus some of his favorite wall collage design templates to kick-start your next appointment. Ready for your images, they are layered too so that they are customizable.

Slideshows Tutorial DVD
Learn how to make various types of slideshows for sales presentations and DVDs in minutes without a subscription service that makes you wait for uploads or downloads, and without making your show look like everyone else’s. Bry shows you how to use free, cheap, and mid-priced software to get professional results. Also, how to put it on your website for free, without ads.

Power Pack Actions with Tutorial DVD
With this huge pack of actions, you’ll be set up to do it all! Turn on these buttons and you’ll have 7 full sets of push-button processing that’ll do everything from custom black and white, to special effects, magazine looks, toning, workflow, sizing, and even pre-made batches for entire folders.

Edgy Edges Collection
Almost a year’s worth of super hip edges to keep your images fresh and interesting! Use them on canvases, on art prints, and in album designs for an attention-grabbing look.

Contessa Fleurs & Brushes Collection
Use this collection of over 200 fleurs and brushes to distress or add pizzazz to your images, quickly and uniquely. Use them in the corner of a print, or in an album design to give a page balance and texture.

Swag Bag Textures
Give some swag to a normal background with over 200 textures and overlays. Why buy a bunch of backgrounds when this will give you thousands of cool new combinations, each completely different from the next.

Wall Collage Design Templates
Create trios and other wall collages in minutes by just dragging in your images. Use them as spec items and go into your sales presentation with some ideas your client can’t refuse. Use them for high school seniors, babies, and even families.

Bonus Everthing Disk
A special bonus for those who get the entire pack, loaded with cool new things:
Bry’s set of Lightroom presets
Bry’s new Photoshop actions for looks that rival iPhone apps

Bonus Silver Membership
For the next month, get full and complete access to all content including video tutorials, tricks, tips and articles.


Have a great 2013 with the Everything bundle and pass this along to anyone else you think would like it.

14 Products in one big bundle