Video Production & Adobe Premiere CC – 3½ Hours of HD Streaming Video Course

Video Production & Adobe Premiere CC – 3½ Hours of HD Streaming Video Course

As a photographer, there are opportunities to do video. Sometimes when I’m creating a business portrait for someone, they’ll ask about setting up a video shoot. They often need something on their website where they introduce themselves and their service. There are opportunities to do cool music videos for bands or high school seniors, or even family history videos where you might compile photographs along with video interviews of grandparents for their 50th anniversary.

You may have a need to do video of yourself even, something for your own website or YouTube. Video is growing in leaps and bounds on the web and it’s good to be able to know how to create some great and professional looking video.

And the good news is that you might already have some of the basic gear needed, and if you’ve watched my lighting course, you also have some of the additional skills to make the video more professional looking.

But no matter your skill level, this video series though will help you know what to do and how to do it, giving you more confidence to tackle that next video job.

But beyond just the shooting, this also covers the post-production in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This will give you a vast shortcut to using this software like a pro in no time. And you can always re-visit these videos to refresh your knowledge as your working on your own projects.

This entire course is also available on DVD in the store, or streaming online here for members in full HD.

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