Bry Cox – Speaker info for PPA Affiliate

Many of you already know me, and know that I’m an experienced speaker that works hard to keep my program and material fresh and current.

This is the time when many look around for speakers to come to their local area, and I wanted you to keep me in mind for your next event.

I’m making some changes and have reduced my normal speaking fee in hopes of speaking in some new areas as well as returning to some old areas again with new programs.

If you could please pass this info along to whoever is in charge of planning your upcoming events, I would love to come to your area and know I could really help your group of photographers.
I feel that I have a lot to teach and share, and my background can help draw a bigger group as I’ve photographed many prominent people like LeAnne Rimes, Natalie Cole, Olivia Newton-John, Ryan Shupe, Donny and Marie Osmond, Kenny Loggins, Linda Ronstadt, Steve Forbes, Mitt Romney, and the last four Utah Governors.

You can see some examples at



Phone 801-728-3317

Concerns I’m Hearing & How I Can Help

1) Local groups have less money for speakers than they used to.
I’m charging less than before to save groups money, and hope to make it up with a few extra speaking gigs (which is why I’m emailing you). I also have some sponsors which may help out as well.

2) Local groups are fighting to keep membership and attendance up.
I promote PPA and local membership at every event, and with the right promotion we can get a bigger attendance than usual. My programs are designed to help and encourage established as well as new photographers.

3) Many past speakers don’t have credentials or experience as a speaker or business owner.
I am a long-time PPA Master/Craftsman with a long list of image awards, and I got my degree in business. My programs are upbeat and entertaining, and I work hard to make sure I’m helping everyone in attendance, both the new and the established photographers.

4) Many speakers have a few good points, but don’t have the ability to keep the groups’ attention throughout the program.
For years, I’ve worked up programs that entertain and keep people’s attention, while at the same time packing in the best info I know. I’ve designed my programs to help everyone in the room, and not just the new photographers who tend to ask the most questions.

Plus, my programs constantly change and I plan my speaking time well. I take the time that people entrust with me seriously, and I don’t stretch a little content to fill the time, but rather pack the time I’m given with as much content as I can. I teach and give without holding back valuable information.

5) Groups are looking for programs that are new and exciting, while at the same time still emphasize fundamentals.
I agree that fundamentals are needed, even more so today. I believe that fun images and cool effects only come after you have a solid image, which comes from knowing and practicing fundamentals. I teach and encourage the use of fundamentals in order to be creative, and make images that are different and exciting.

6) Some local groups are worried that national speakers only want to sell their stuff and not actually teach and help their group.
We all hate this and I’m not that kind of speaker. Yes, I sell some things when I speak to help subsidize the speaking fee, but I do not turn programs that should be for teaching into informercials, and I never hold back on what I teach in the hopes that people will buy “the rest of the story” at the end.

If anything, I’ve found that by sharing everything I can, including the big secrets, people realize how much I really have to offer, and that is how I sell my wares to those who are interested.

7) Photographers are depressed about the proliferation of new photographers taking their business mixed with a down economy.
My programs give photographers a lot of ideas, hope, and encouragement and it also helps all photographers, new and old, to re-think their businesses and strategies.

My Bio

I’m a PPA Master/Craftsman with Certification, an Adobe software Partner, and NIK software partner. For over a decade, I’ve taught workshops to professional photographers all over the US and Canada, and many places in China as well. I’ve created many tools for photographers including Photoshop tools, tutorial DVDs, and three self-help books which have had rave reviews.

My images are used by Capitol Records, CMT, ads for PocketWizard, and for covers/national magazines like Billboard, TV Guide, American Photo, Professional Photographer, Rangefinder, American Girl, and other photography magazines in China and Canada.

I’ve been hired to photograph VIPs, filmmakers, TV anchors, musicians and other prominent people like LeAnne Rimes, Natalie Cole, Olivia Newton-John, Ryan Shupe, Donny and Marie Osmond, Kenny Loggins, Linda Ronstadt, Steve Forbes, Mitt Romney, and the last four Utah Governors!

Short List of Awards:

  • Gold Medal Winner out of 25,000 International Photographers
  • Master Photographer of the Year, and Photographer of the Year many times state and nationally
  • 8 Time Winner of the Fuji Masterpiece Award
  • 6 Time Winner of the Kodak Gallery Award

Portfolio & Websites

YouTube Slideshows

We can create a buzz for your area before I come speak by adding some videos like these to your groups website and emails. It should be especially impressive to photographers when we tell them that these images are all un-retouched — no skin softening, no lightening or darkening, no color work. All images are straight from camera and include indoors, outdoors, studio, daytime, nighttime, strobe, flash, reflectors, and window light.

I teach how to be mobile, how to move and be creative, while at the same time creating cool images that are modern and hip, that utilize fundamentals to save time later.

Here is a commercial shoot I did for a musician. All images use various forms of external lighting from flash to tungsten, and all are without enhancement except for a few.


Tutorial & Article Examples

Before I come speak to your area, we can create some buzz by sharing some of my articles in your newsletters, publications, and emails. Here are some examples you could look at right now.

And here’s a short video and article explaining how to get a perfect exposure and white balance in 3 steps.

Speaking Subjects

I can tailor my program to your group, depending on your needs. Here are some subjects I have ready to go, and depending on time, I can mix in a few to keep the momentum of the program up.

  • Creativity, thinking differently, and using a fashion approach to weddings, seniors, and families
  • How to light and pose men and women, and how to break the rules and never use the same pose twice.
  • Lighting on the move with manual controls, while getting perfect exposures and images that flatter your subjects.
  • Psychology of pricing and sales, insightful and entertaining.
  • Taking the “work” out of “workflow” using Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop with speed.
My week-long workshops are usually broken into 3 parts for a complete studio system:
  1. Creating Images for the lest amount of Computer Work (creativity, lighting, posing, shooting)
  2. Developing and prepping the images quickly for an awesome sales presentation (workflow and post-production)
  3. Selling the Images & Making Money (Adaptable systems for pricing and sales)


Let’s talk more about costs and availability. Here’s my contact information.


Phone 801-728-3317

Thank you, – Bry