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Bella in San Jose, CA

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Bella in San Jose, California. I was teaching an adaptive lighting class to photographers there, and she was my model. We made the shoot extra hard by shooting outside at the worst time of day (noon), and also mixed in some indoor shooting…

Ashleigh in Santa Ana, CA

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Ashleigh in Santa Ana, California. She was my model for a photography workshop I was teaching there. I taught adaptive lighting techniques for portraiture, both in studio and on location. After the shoot we opened up the images on a projector to show…

Pandemic of Fear

Amid this Coronavirus/Covid-19 shutdown and quarantine, lots of us photographers are completely shut down, losing work, and losing money. Let's all hope and pray that this ends quickly and safely for people. I believe in facing fear with hope, preparedness, and work. So though we're stuck at home, let’s make…
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