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Hi, I’m Bry Cox, a PPA Master/Craftsman portrait photographer and a trainer and mentor to photographers.

This is my training site where I share with you no-holds-barred, the absolute best information and training to make you a better portrait photographer. Everything I share here is exactly what I do in my own portrait business every day.

As a member, you can stream hours and hours of courses again and again, including training on custom portrait lighting & posing, digital workflow, painting and artistry, video capture and production, business, pricing, sales, and more. Watch at your own pace, review, and practice these techniques until you master them.

My hope is that you’ll understand these concepts on a higher level, connect with your clients better, create more beautiful and more creative images, have a more successful business, and shave days and weeks off of your digital workflow.

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Once Your a Member

You can watch courses in any order, re-watch as much as you’d like, and skip around as you please. But I’d recommend starting in this order.

Getting your images amazing in-camera means a faster workflow from here on out. No matter how good you already are, knowing how to light like a master with any type of gear in any location means you’ll have images that look retouched and perfect before you do any editing. And knowing how to get expression and emotion from children and adults means more sellable and powerful images.

After the shoot comes the computer time, using both Lightroom and Photoshop together in the best possible ways. Starting with beautifully lit images with perfect color and great expressions, our entire workflow is made easier and faster. Learn the secrets of quick culling, gorgeous and subtle retouching, and how to create beautiful art pieces to show your client in your in-person sales reveal appointment.

Before you go into your next sales/reveal appointment, learn how to properly price your products and how to present everything honestly and authentically, and without using tacky sales tactics. Have your client’s best interests at heart, and get paid as a professional portrait artist.

Have your clients asked you to shoot commercial video projects yet? Do you need a video for your website where you greet and introduce yourself? Perhaps you have high school seniors who would love a cool music video style video to share on social media as an add on to their portrait package.

As a photographer, you probably have the cameras and lighting equipment to make this happen. This course will teach you everything you need to do for sound, lighting, and video beforehand as well as how to use Adobe Premiere Pro afterwards to create awesome videos for your clients.

And of course there’s tons more that you can check out anytime. Plus there’s always more content and courses being added.