Bry Cox Featured on Various Podcasts

I’ve been featured on various podcasts over the years. Here are some direct links to both photography and religious discussions.

Photography Podcasts

This Conversation with Jed Taufer

We talk about high-end sales, psychology of sales, and helping photographers do better. I’m very excited to share this podcast and information with you and hope it helps you in your photography business. (April 2018)

The BlackRapid Podcast

BlackRapid’s founder Ron Henry talks with Bry Cox about creativity, style, emotion, adapting during Covid, and motorcycles of course. (November 2020)

The Profitable Photographer with Luci Dumas

We talk about the photographic industry, photographing celebs and VIPs, and other fun things. (December 2019)

PhotoTellers Podcast

I share some free tips on sales, and talk about how much I love speaking and helping photographers at Texas School. (November 2016)

PhotoTellers Podcast

A fun interview, and we covered a lot of ground on photography and lighting. (January 2016)

FotoFacts Podcast

We talk all things photography — cameras, lighting, gear, learning, and even about my upcoming programs at ImagingUSA and Texas School. (January 2015)

Religious Podcasts

I love the subject of light. It’s my tool as a photographer, but it’s also a fascinating symbol in creation, cosmology, and religion. Because of my years of study on that subject, I’ve been the guest on these religious podcast episodes. 

Gospel Talktrine S01E03- The Creation

Mark interviews Bry Cox, award-winning photographer and student of Biblical Hebrew, about how Jehovah structured the creation story to prove his supremacy, the “light” of creation, and the hidden patterns in the creative periods and what they teach us. (Jan 2018)

Gospel Talktrine S01E06 – Noah

Mark welcomes award-winning photographer and Hebrew enthusiast Bry Cox to discuss the story of Noah’s ark, and how it relates to the city of Enoch and the tower of Babel. (Feb 2018)

Gospel Talktrine S01E33 – Jonah

Jonah is unique among the Prophetic books for being a story about a prophet, rather than the writings of a prophet. But it is unique for other reasons as well—the book of Jonah works even better as a parable than it does as a prophecy. (Sep 2018)

Gospel Talktrine S01E45 – Daniel

Bry Cox joins the program, for a discussion of the children of Israel in exile. Daniel and his friends refuse the King’s food, survive the fiery furnace and the lion’s den, and Esther saves the Jewish people from a Persian genocide. (Dec 2018)

Gospel Talktrine S00E04 – Hebrew Vocab and Symbols

Mark and Bry revisit the important themes of the Old Testament by reviewing their favorite scriptural Hebrew words. Hilarity ensues. (Jan 2019)