Arlington Camera Featured on PhotoTellers Podcast

My favorite camera store, Arlington Camera was featured on the PhotoTellers Podcast. It’s worth listening to. I love those guys at Arlington. Not only do they supply me my gear when I speak, but it’s where I buy all my gear and it’s where I send even my close friends to shop too.

In fact I actually sent two friends their way in the last few days. I get calls from close friends, clients, and even just non-photographers who want to buy some kind of camera for travel or fun. They, like everyone are confused by online reviews, recommendations, and what they see on forums because they’re opinions from the wrong people. So they call me because I work full-time in the industry. But because I work full-time, I realize that there is far too much to know because gear is constantly changing and companies are always releasing new things.

So I send them to my own personal resource, my friend Melanie at Arlington Camera. There’s a lot that goes into picking the right gear, and I just trust her opinion. She really knows her gear, she knows all the reps in the industry, and she even knows SKUs and model numbers off her head. She’s quite brilliant that way, and their entire staff there is great to work with.

So check out this podcast and call Arlington for your next gear purchase. (This photo is linked to the podcast website.)


And I was interviewed a while back by PhotoTellers, so soon I think they’ll release my episode. I hope it’s good.