‘Ask Me Anything’ Answer Videos for PPA’s The Loop

To help promote my upcoming speaking event at the national convention, ImagingUSA in Nashville, I was asked to do an “Ask Me Anything” on ‘the Loop’ at PPA.com. Here are my answers to that, done as individual videos.

These were great questions, and I think we covered some great information that will be helpful to all photographers. Watch these and let me know what you think.

Question 1 Wedding Album Design and Printing

Question 2 Grumpy Teens

Question 3 Advertising Photography

Question 4 Favorite f/stop

Question 5 Creating Paintings and Spec Items

Question 6 Photographing VIPs

Question 7 Lighting Continuous vs Speed Lights

Question 8 Business Advice

Question 9 Video Lighting Setups

Question 10 Atypical Shooting Situations

Question 11 Is it worth getting Certified and earning Master Degrees

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