Bry Cox Featured in PPA Magazine August 2015 for PPAEdu Training Videos

This month I’m featured in the magazine Professional PhotographerAugust 2015 on page 61.

I recorded a number of training videos for PPAedu on lighting and posing, and this month they are letting photographers see one for free. This one is on posing senior boys (and boys are usually a bit tougher than girls).


PPA has also promoted this on Facebook and as of today that post has had over 100 shares and 500 likes. There have also been a few comments and questions about how I work or why I do the things I do, for instance one lady wished this was a natural light shoot and someone else wondered why I didn’t use a tripod for this senior. These kinds of questions and comments are encouraged because I want to know what photographers are thinking, especially if they disagree.

So watch this video, then go to Facebook and post any questions you have for me, anything you want to know about my style, or why I work the way I do. Here’s a link.

Bry Cox PPA Mag

And of course check out my other videos with PPAedu as well as here on my training site which include lighting outside as well.

Until next time, America.