Bry Cox Featured on FotoFacts Podcast About Weeklong Workshop Texas School 2016

I had the pleasure of having Terri Trawick in my 2016 weeklong workshop class called Texas School. She is Rob Trawick’s wife and they do the FotoFacts Podcast and recently talked about my class.

Before coming to the event, her and her husband recorded this podcast. Terri talks about how she picked my class and the emails and questions I had for her before my class.


Then after the class while still in their hotel room, they recorded this sum up of the event and my class. I appreciate her kind words and really appreciate her being in the class. Terri and everyone there really made a big difference to the whole atmosphere and feel of the week.

And I appreciate her giving a big shout-out too to Arlington Camera for all the hard work they do for weeks behind the scenes to make the trade show so great.


There may be another podcast after a few days of being home, and if so I’ll post it below. Check in and subscribe to their podcasts. I really enjoy these guys and appreciate the work they do in putting out the FotoFacts Podcast.

And until next time, America.