Bry Cox Interviewed on The PhotoTellers Podcast



I was recently interviewed by Bill Ramsey on The PhotoTellers podcast, and today it went live. You can listen to it online or in iTunes by going HERE to their official website.

It was a fun interview, and we covered a lot of ground quickly, including:

  • The shift I’ve seen in photography between the technical and the creative
  • How to train your mind to innately see correct exposure
  • The 3 F’s of mixing flash photography with outdoor light
  • How to train your technical mind to shut off, and let your creative mind FLY!
  • What a Photographer can learn from Costco

Let me know what you think of it, or if you have any follow up questions on what I talked about. I’ll try to answer them in an upcoming Q&A video.

And if you’re looking to attend the full weeklong workshop at Texas School, there are still a few slots open last I heard. More info on that HERE.