Bry Cox on Periscope Live Today for PPA Charities, Answering Question on Perfectly Lighting Models in a City at Night

UPDATE: Dec 2, 2015, 1 Day Later

So apparently my video was all garbled, so I re-recorded it as part of my weekly Q&A videos. You can now watch that here.

Original Post

As part of #GivingTuesday today, every half hour, photographers around the country that normally speak at PPA events are each doing a 15 minute lesson on photography, live on Periscope from wherever they are. It is all part of raising money for PPA Charities.

I will be one of those speakers, going on at 3:30 pm Eastern (1:30 Mountain), speaking on how to perfectly light a model in a city at night. This quick lesson is based on an email that I would normally answer in my weekly Q&A videos, but instead will answer today on Periscope live. The email is from Jochen from Switzerland who saw this shoot of Bethany on my blog and asked about the lighting.


If you’d like more information on my approach to lighting, I have a 3 step process on getting perfect light anywhere. It’s part of my 4 free video series available by email here.

How To Watch Live Today on Periscope

You must of course download and install the phone app, Periscope, then follow/join the channel, @PPACharities to watch LIVE.

Speakers start at 8:00 am Eastern today and will go until midnight, every half hour. Again, I’ll be on at 3:30 pm Eastern (1:30 Mountain).

Watch Delayed Later in the Day

If you want to watch any video after the broadcast, each video should be posted throughout the day at

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