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I will soon be on Sandy Puc’s taking about how to photograph families. We’ll talk about lighting, posing, group dynamics, and how to avoid the common mistakes that most photographers make.

A family portrait should have modern elements that make it emotional and enjoyable to look at, while also having classic elements that make it timeless and expensive. Learn how to mix these two models to create stunning family portraits that your clients won’t be able to resist.

Together, we will go step-by-step through my system of photographing families, helping you be more creative, more competent, more efficient, and more profitable. I’ll share (1) my specific steps to lighting people in any situation so that you can avoid retouching while also getting a perfect exposure every time, (2) my techniques for getting real emotion and believable expressions, and (3) how to group and use new poses that flatter and change from shoot to shoot.

This will be the best information to help you be even more successful in your system of photographing families.


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