How to Buy Cameras & Equipment – Q&A #105

In Q&A video #103, I answered the general question about the “best” camera to buy. And here’s some things to know about how to buy a camera and the type of place to buy it from.

For instance, don’t buy from online stores like Amazon or eBay because (1) you could get a gray market camera (2) if it’s gray market then you have no support from the manufacturer, and (3) no matter what you have no future support from places like Amazon or eBay. (4) Plus they can’t help you with advice on what to get.

Also, avoid big-box electronic stores. The employees at those places don’t know what they’re talking about, but are instead taught how to just move product. Their opinions and knowledge are too basic, and just enough to get people to buy something.

Instead support pro-camera stores who support professional photographers. They make it their specialty to know their gear and love helping you in what to buy. They are there to give you advice and help before the purchase, and even help you after your purchase if you have a problem.

Though I’m in Utah, my favorite store is in Texas, Arlington Camera. I just call them, talk to them about what I need, and then have those items shipped to me. I like rewarding companies that help me by giving me advice that I can trust.

And finally in this video, I share some tips on buying used gear too. I hope all this info helps.

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