How to Use the New Photoshop CC Updates, December 2015

Adobe just released a lot of changes and updates to Photoshop CC. Since Christmas is coming, here is a video showing how to use some of the best features for portrait photographers.

I show how to use the new Open menu and how to disable the menu if you prefer the previous legacy look. We also look at Adobe Stock and new and various ways to access images right from within Photoshop. We go in depth with the new text and font tools, showing you how to create Christmas cards quickly by favoriting your top fonts, and how to sort and find them with various conditions. And if you’re new to TypeKit, we go into how to find and install a font right when you need it.

We also talk about the new Photoshop Libraries, how you might use them, and what the new dialog boxes are that pop up. And we go into how to customize your workspace and toolbar, getting rid of tools you don’t use a lot and simplifying the overall toolbar look. We go into the new ‘Export As’ window which is great for sizing and saving images for the web, like for your blog or even Facebook. And finally I give you an overview of Art Boards, Design Space, some of the new iOS apps like Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Mix, and Photoshop Sketch, as well as Adobe Capture CC which you can use to create brushes and color looks right on your phone that you can later use in desktop applications.

Here is a short list of some of the big highlights for the new Photoshop CC just released.

—Creative Cloud Libraries enhancements
—Updated UI (and enhancements for touch-enabled devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro)
—Design Space (Preview) enhancements
—Artboards enhancements
—Customizable toolbar and workspaces
—Adobe Fuse CC (Preview) integration with Photoshop CC. (Adobe Fuse CC is a fun way to create 3D people that you can then dress up and import into Photoshop.)
—Adobe Camera Raw 9 enhancements
—Return of the Oil Paint filter (yay!)
—Faster exporting and new export options
—Integration with new Adobe mobile apps including Adobe Photoshop Fix and Adobe Capture CC

Here is a link to the new features at the Adobe website