How’s Your Spelling and Grammar? Do You Look Professional? – #70 Q&A

How professional do you appear in your emails, on Facebook, or in texts? When you market or send out something from your studio, do your clients see you as a pro or as an amateur based on your spelling or grammar? When you type without any capital letters, or with all caps, misspell words, or when you drop punctuation and have a long run-on sentence, do you understand how unprofessional you appear to clients and suppliers?

Often I get emails from photographers saying that their business isn’t going well and things are hard, yet the email asking for help is almost impossible to read or make out due to the slew of spelling and grammar errors.

Take note of that area of your business and see if you need help with some personal learning and even someone to proof-read everything you send out.

And though I don’t offer any training videos on grammar, I do have deeper training and full courses on many other subjects in the membership section of this site.