Invincible Startup Growth Conference 2016

Many of you know my friend Trajan King now from being a frequent guest on my Q&A videos. Well he’s got a conference coming up in Salt Lake, and I know it will appeal to lots of people with businesses.

Trajan is a great guy to know, and his experience ranges from working in Silicon Valley (for companies like Apple, eBay, Yahoo, IBM, Oracle and Honda) to working on Wall Street for the largest European investment bank, Deutsche Bank. He has a couple of patents on Internet technology and an MBA. He’s been involved in 15+ startups, as a founder or investor and has been COO, CFO and CEO of a multi-million company. He speaks 7 languages and often lives abroad to learn new languages.

When it comes to understanding business and making businesses work, Trajan is a great resource. And he’s put together a great event.


Event Website & Details

(Use the link above with promo code “Starter” for the early bird pricing – which expires Friday.

I will be there speaking on how photography is the face of your business, and how to create great content for your company. There are quite a few speakers. In the video above you’ll meet Mark Holt and Trajan King, and here’s a link showing the bios of everyone who’ll be there speaking…

And here are some of the highlights:

  • The co-founder of BlueHost – before they were acquired, they were the world’s fastest growing hosting company.
  • The Sr. VP of Marketing of the Utah Jazz – he’ll share how NBA teams use social media to make events fun and build the fanbase and how you can do the same for your company.
  • A YouTuber who has quickly grown her channel to 200,000+ and opened all sorts of opportunities for herself.
  • Two Venture Capitalists who will share when and how to get funding.
  • A panel of advertising executives will teach what’s working now for brands.
  • Get the same training taught to Harvard students about how to make real connections.

If you’re running your own business, or working on a new startup, or know someone who is, let them know about this event. It’s coming right up! 🙂

Event Website & Details