Julieanne Kost Interview on ‘This Conversation’ with Jed Taufer

Jed Taufer has a new podcast, by WHCC that you can hear with any podcast software. Jed does a great job and I’ve been enjoying it very much. But you really need to hear this particular interview with Julieanne Kost of Adobe.

I’m excited that he was able to get this, because any time you can learn from Julieanne, it’s worth it. Besides being a wonderful and genuine person, Julieanne has an incredibly creative mind. And she really knows how to break down the complex creative and technical processes in order to help other photographers and artists. Her books, her artwork, and her teaching style are inspirational. I whole-heartedly recommend buying Julieanne’s books, Passenger Seat, and Window Seat. The latest book, Passenger Seat is mentioned in this podcast interview.

Julieanne Kost – “The Role of Personal Photography Projects for Professionals.”


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