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Full Monthly Membership
With the Full Membership, you get full access to all content, articles, tricks, and tutorials for one monthly subscription. No long-term commitment. Cancel anytime.

Special Access to the Best Info

With a Full Access Membership, you get my years of teaching and knowledge as both a professional photographer and speaker. I’m a PPA Master/Craftsman photographer about 12 times over. I love teaching and I love sharing. I love hearing from photographers that I have changed their businesses and doubled their sales.

I’ve been in business doing this full-time for over 23 years. There are a lot of bad theories out there, and even info that get’s re-packaged and re-shared by photographers not knowing that it’s bad info.

That’s not what my training is about. I give you the real stuff, everything I do every day and have done for decades. These systems have been worked and perfected over the years, and you’re getting the shortcut I never had. You’re getting the best of the best info that’s taken me years to acquire. You’re getting access to everything, and I’ve simplified it all for you. Plus I’m adding more all the time.

Best Way to Start Once You’re a Member

You can watch courses in any order, re-watch as much as you’d like, and skip around as you please. Only you know what you’re needing next. But here’s one way to go through these courses.

• Creating Emotional Images – The Yin and Yang of Organization and Chaos

Photographers lately are asking for inspiration. They feel creatively stuck, and want that inner fire back. Understanding key concepts on how the brain works means you can short-circuit your mind into being hyper-creative when you need it.

Re-light your inner fire and create meaningful work. Learn what it is to be “in the zone,” and how to get into that mental space on every shoot.

This program doesn’t negate the need for technical knowhow or business acumen. Instead it’s designed to emphasize and build on those principles, while tapping into the mind, helping photographers create more impactful and emotionally satisfying images.

• Lighting Course: “Artist of Light – Light Like a Master”

Over 3 hours of training, broken up into bite-size and succinct parts, showing you exactly how to get perfect images with perfect color and perfect exposures, in any situation or location, inside and out, and at any time of day or night.

These series makes lighting easy and straightforward. You will know exactly how to light someone and how to do everything with full manual controls, using any gear or brand you want.

Come with me through live photo shoots, creating images without any preliminary coaching or pre-planning. See the posing, the conversation to get expression, and the lighting setups. See the images un-retouched, see how this system works anywhere, and how images come out looking perfect. And with images looking perfect out of the camera, post-production is a cinch. Come with me on four actual photo shoots, two in a studio and two outside on location – including an outdoor shoot in the hardest of circumstances: no overcast, no shade, but instead broad daylight in open land with no trees, shooting on the side of a road.

• Expression Course: “Creating Expression – The Art of Social Dynamics”

This two hour course covers the key aspects to the art of social dynamics. There are reasons children and adults will either respond to us or not. There are reasons why some people are easier to connect with and others are harder. We need to understand these, and know just how to get through and connect with our clients, young and old – and that’s what this course will teach you.

We have just moments to connect with strangers, and create works of art. Clients come in, more often as strangers. Their children are often young and worried about us and the new location they’re in. Our client’s moods vary depending on stress levels, and people have their wall up and want to give us their pretend “smile.”

• Photo Workflow with Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop

4 hours of training on using Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. Be a speed demon and take the Work out of Workflow. Learn the newest features, and see my system of how I use both of these programs daily for every single photo shoot.

And when you start with lighting system I teach in my Light Like a Master course, you’ll get images that look better coming out of the camera than most people get after lots of Photoshop work. That will speed up your workflow too, and make time for us to have fun with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to create masterpieces and custom art pieces that your clients can’t resist. Whether you’re new or experienced, I’ll speed you up, and you’ll learn lots of cool tricks like signing your images with one click.

If you desire more, there’s another 7+ hours in legacy Lightroom and Photoshop training too.

• Psychology of Pricing for High-End Portrait Photographers

Almost 2 hours of training on getting paid appropriately for higher end work. Because proper pricing is foundational to better sales, this course on the Psychology of Pricing is a great place to start in my business courses. Designed to help you understand how to price your work higher to better appeal to your clients on a psychological and subconscious level.

• Psychology of Sales for the High-End Professional Photographer

3½ hours of training on the psychology of pricing and the psychology of sales. You don’t need to be a pushy jerk to be good at sales. Great sales comes from integrity and helping your client. Learn how to sell your photographs for higher prices and get paid what you’re worth as an artist. Overcome objections, learn how to do in-person sales even better, and learn how to work with out-of-state clients.

• Video Production & Adobe Premiere CC

3½ hours of training, you’ll quickly learn how to use Adobe Premiere CC like an experienced pro. You’re a photographer with an artistic eye, a camera that also shoots video, lighting gear, and clients asking about video like businesses, bands, doctors, fashion shoots for high school seniors and more. See exactly how to use that gear to record the best audio and video, and then how to use Adobe Premiere CC to put it all together. Shoot multiple cameras, get multiple views, and put it all together easily.

See what goes into producing professional looking videos like the gear, lighting, audio recording and complete digital enhancement with the new Adobe Premiere Pro CC. You’ll be shooting great video and editing like a pro doing things like multi-camera editing, exporting for iPads, web, YouTube, and completely custom Bluray/DVD menus.

• Plus TONS More

On top of what’s listed above, I have additional videos and articles on lighting and posing, business and sales, plus videos on painting FAST in Photoshop too. And I’m always adding content.

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Full Monthly Membership
With the Full Membership, you get full access to all content, articles, tricks, and tutorials for one monthly subscription. No long-term commitment. Cancel anytime.