More Workshops Added for 2013, Wyoming, Rhode Island, Tennessee

More workshop dates are confirmed for 2013 including full day workshops in Wyoming, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and one-week workshops in Texas and Vancouver Island in Canada.

Full-Day Workshops

For the full-day workshops, I’ll be packing in as much as I can, covering my full system from lighting to post-production to pricing and sales. Here’s the description:

Together, we will spend a full day going step-by-step through my system, helping you be more creative, more competent, more efficient, and more profitable.

We will go through my specific steps to lighting people so that you can avoid retouching while also getting a perfect exposure every time. On top of that we’ll talk about my tricks to getting real emotion, believable expressions, and new poses that flatter and change from shoot to shoot. No longer will you be shooting the same thing, over and over again.

Then, we will take images further with digital enhancement as I will work with full disclosure on what I do, in front of everyone. I will show you how to be faster on the computer, taking the “work” out of “workflow.” I feel that time spent on the computer should be an investment into your sales instead of time wasted correcting images.

Finally, I’ll share the secrets of my sales presentation so that you’ll see just how to get the most for each portrait session while not being pushy and keeping the client’s needs first.

This will be a full day packed with the best information to help you have a great and successful year.

More details on what I’ll be teaching as well as how to register can be found here:

Wyoming – March 19th2013
Rhode Island – May 19th 2013
Tennessee – Sep 2013

Week-Long Workshops

In the week-long workshops, people come from all over the US and Canada to go much more in-depth on these subject and get real hands-on and personal training. Groups are limited to 25 photographers, and we will photograph real people in various situations both inside, outside, and using a variety of lighting equipment from simple to advanced. The idea is to not just be comfortable, but to be great an any situation. We also take time to critique individual photographer’s images with ideas as to how to improve and get even better.

More details on each event can be found here:

Texas –

Vancouver Island, Canada –

Please take advantage of these events and let’s make your year amazing.