50+ New ‘Funky Film Emulsion Actions’

I’ve got 50+ new ‘Funky Film Emulsion Actions’ that emulate the look of film from a 1960s or 1970s camera. Made for Adobe Photoshop, there are 54 total actions in this set, each is activated by clicking a colored button.

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Each action button does a different thing and each is stackable with the other actions. Use one, add another, add another. This gives you hundreds of combinations giving you the creative freedom to creating your own recipes by the order in which you apply and stack them.

About These Actions

All of my actions though complex in what they do in Photoshop, add only ONE layer to your work. They retain all of your previous layers so they don’t mess anything up, making them super easy if not really productive to use. Because they only add one layer, you can fade the effect back, mask some areas off, or even just delete the layer entirely if that look doesn’t work with an image. And all the while, you still retain all of your original layers.

Video Demo: How to Install and Use These Actions

See how easy these are to use, and get an idea of the looks you’ll achieve with these actions.

I hope you enjoy these new actions, and I’d love to see how you use them.

And until next time, America.