Psychology of Sales, 6+ Hours of Video Training Now Available

It’s here! 6 HOURS of video training specifically on the psychology of sales and the psychology of pricing for high-end professional photographers.

There’s never been a time when this information has been needed more. The most instruction on any subject that I’ve ever recorded – over 6 hours of teaching! Delve in and learn what to say to separate yourself from others and get high-end sales. Learn to overcome objections like price without being a jerk or without using scripts or tacky “sales tactics.”


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Some of the topics covered:

There are 48 chapters covering these subjects and more: Success, Power of Repetition, Keys to Success in Sales, Perception is Reality, Prejudging, Under Promise, Making Friends, Safety in Numbers with Pricing, Time is Money, Print Sizes, Marginal Pricing, Velocitation, Poer of Projections and Buying Projector Screens, Supply & Demand, Dress/Clothing, Benefits vs Features, Psychology of Price, Psychology of Wall Sizes, Psychology of Gift Sizes, Specialty Products, Psychology of the Price Menu and Layout, Pricing One Image, Psychology of the Sales Room, Psychology of “Bump the Wall” Philosophy, Psychology of Resolving Concerns, Psychology of Closing, Closing Questions, Neck Tie Close, Puppy Dog Close, Instant Reverse Close, Buy Button Close, Relevant Story Close, Order Sheet Close, Incentive Close, Selling with various pies of software, Selling Wedding Album Designs, Selling online and Face-to-face, Selling Over Skype to Out of Town Clients, Psychology of a Sales Room, and more.

Here are three short chapters from the beginning to give you a taste of what’s inside…



Sales in Photography completely different than any other type of sales.

Some sales training focuses on products, some on service. Photography is both a service and a product. And there’s an art to creating great images and an art to making money from those images.

  • Hours of serious info. Step-by-step, what do do, what to say
  • Make more money from each shoot
  • No canned responses. Just principles based on integrity and service
  • Overcome common objections like price
  • Plus, psychology of pricing to make your work more valuable
  • How to price digital files or physical products
  • Price menu designs and concepts that work
  • Understand the 80/20 rule for price, your time, your clients
  • Sell more expensive wall sizes rather than cheaper options
  • How to sell albums, collages, trios, and other custom products
  • Learn how to go straight from your shoot into the sale
  • Be a master at one-on-one in-person sales
  • How to work with out-of-state clients
  • Why photography sales is different from every other form of sales
  • Understanding how key concepts like honesty, integrity, kindness, and persuasion are far better than stupid sales tricks
  • Projection secrets without expensive software
  • Good for your whole team or for the one-person photographer
  • Watch again and again, don’t miss a thing

You can get it here in the store on DVD…

Or watch it here on the site, streaming for members…