Recap of Texas School Weeklong Workshop & Eliminating the Negative – #42

I just got home from teaching my big and intensive week-long workshop called “Texas School,” and I’ve had a lot of thoughts from the week that I wanted to share. I recap my philosophies of lighting, workflow, sales, and eliminating the negative in life and in business, and focusing in on the positive — and I use the huge stack of junk mail that I came home to as a symbol for all of this.

Using the 80/20 split and thinking of elimination of 80% vs a focus on 20% helps in shooting fewer images while creating more variety and creativity in what you do shoot. It helps in culling down images, it helps in the workflow process and in the sales process. It helps in your pricing, in dealing with better and better clients, and in producing better and better products.

It helps make you more positive and more attractive which helps in sales and in marketing as well as one-one-one with clients during a shoot. It helps in how you spend your day, your free time, and it helps in your overall mindset.

Thank you to everyone that came to my class, for opening up, connecting with each other, trying new things, growing, and making this a wonderful week for all of us. And thank you for all the kind letters, posts, messages, and emails too. They mean more than you know.

And a special thanks to Don Dickson for leading and making the event so good each year. Thank you to my sponsor for their support of me and the entire event (plus for being a great lab and producing great products). And thank you to Melanie at for all her weeks of hard work to make the trade show amazing for everyone, and for all the gear she supplies me throughout the week (much of which I bought).

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