Separate Yourself With Paintings from Photos – #95 Q&A

Instead of copying what everyone is doing, we should focus on separating ourselves from the crowd. One of the best ways is to offer completely different products, and one of my top sellers are my custom paintings from photographs. They have a higher-end look and many clients are willing to spend more for them or get them larger on their wall than traditional photographs.

But you have to show them first to really sell them. So to speed up the very lengthy process of painting from a photograph from hours down to minutes, I’ve produced a series of brushes for Photoshop.

When you use these, you will not only save hours, but it gives you the ability to paint BEFORE your sales appointment. That way you can go into an appointment with a spec product to sell which is easier for clients to see and imagine.

The brushes and tutorial videos on using them are available here.

Nevertheless, whether you like the idea of paintings or not, the big idea is to separate yourself with unique things that only you can do. Secondly, go into your sales appointment with ideas and physical products for your client to buy that only you can offer.

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