Speaking in Santa Clara Valley February 2020

Two events are now booked in the Silicon Valley area (Santa Clara Valley) for February 2020!

  • A full day workshop covering lighting, digital workflow, and more on pricing and sales (Feb 18)
  • An evening event focusing on the Psychology of Pricing and Sales

Feb 18 – Evening Class: Psychology of Pricing and Sales

Let’s change the way you think about your business and the way your clients view you and your value with a night together in Santa Clara Valley talking about the Psychology of Pricing and Sales. These concepts will help reshape the way you price and sell, so that you make more money.

There’s never been a time when this information has been needed more. With stiff competition everywhere, we need to up our efforts and connect better with our clients in the right way. And because proper pricing is foundational to better sales, we’ll start with the Psychology or Pricing so you understand how to value your work. But we’ll also cover how to better appeal to your clients on a psychological and subconscious level so that they too value you and your higher prices.

With that foundation we’ll cover some key aspects to the Psychology of Sales, covering new ways to do in-person sales whether you’re actually in person or doing a meeting online with your out-of-state clients. No canned lines or old tactics. Learn the art of truthful and emotional selling, while also learning how to handle client’s top objections like price.

So whether you photograph families, children, weddings, or high school seniors, if you want to strengthen your business, this is the program for you.

Feb 18 – Full Day Add-On Class: Celebrity Style Imaging

Being quick in your lighting and workflow is key will not only save you hours a day, but it’ll help you make more money while making your clients look even better.

Making our clients look and feel like celebrities, and adding a more creative and fashion style to our shoots is more crucial than ever. A high-end style that blends creativity and pro techniques is needed for an eye-grabbing portfolio, killer marketing images, and in helping you leave shoots confident that you have stronger images.

Whether you shoot weddings, high school seniors, or families and children, I’ll help you light better in any environment, make women look great, create more variety while shooting fewer images, and be ninja-fast in your workflow.

Come spend the day with me in Santa Clara Valley where we’ll cover three big areas: lighting, workflow, and high-end sales. We’ll start with lighting systems for perfectly nailing exposure and color balance – inside, on location, and with any brand of gear. We’ll talk about my three secrets to making women look amazing with light, as well as unique and higher-end lighting styles to make you stand out.

All this means better images going into Photoshop than most people have coming out. And we’ll take those images even further with a clean and fast Adobe workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop. No matter how fast you are, I’ll make you faster. I’ll share tricks for fast culling and retouching so your images have a clean, crisp, expensive commercial look while also being more real and captivating.

And we’ll cover how to sell these images for more money, how to best present them, and how to overcome common objections like price.

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