Sunny 16 & Our 3 Camera Settings – #128 Q&A

Seeing the light is a required skill as a professional photographer. Alexandr from Russia asks some questions on the Sunny 16 rule and how to visually “see” our 3 camera settings in terms of lighting.

As photographers, we have 3 settings on our camera: F/stop, Shutter Speed, and ISO. We have to be able to mentally guess an exposure anywhere, inside or outside before we meter. That way we’re training our mind to see light and exposure and then use our meter to double-check our mind. But how do you “guess” an exposure? The Sunny 16 rule is a great way to get started.

This video goes more in depth on those settings so that the Sunny 16 rule can make more sense.

For more on the Sunny 16, check out this past video, Q&A #38.

And if you do this every day, every shoot, soon exposure will be second nature to you.

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