Texas School 2017 Followup (Part 2)

Here’s some more images I shot while teaching creativity and fashion for a week at Texas School, the biggest week-long photography event of it’s kind. I specifically teach photographers how to connect with people to pull out genuine emotion, while at the same time nailing lighting and everything else technical. That way when you start adding complexity (like movement under studio lights), you create some uniquely magical photographs.

Special thanks to my sponsor, WHCC and everyone at Texas School for making the event happen. I know this changes people’s lives for the better and I’m proud to be a part of the event.

This cute model with the red hair was terrific to demo these principles because she followed directions and moved instinctively well. And her personality worked well under the studio lights so I was able to push the creative bounds and shoot a lot of movement with her. I love all of these with her hair in motion.

And she really jumped well in high heels. At first I wanted her to jump barefooted because I worried about her landing and getting hurt. But she insisted that she could jump in high heels and they make these photographs even better. She had great positioning in the air, and photographers should note that even when jumping, the lighting is still perfect on her face and waist.

My shoot with her was very quick because I wanted other photographers to try what I was teaching. I’d do a quick demo with her then allow everyone else to shoot. But even in our short demo shoots, we created a huge variety of photographs. This set of mid-lengths on blue really show personality and make her eyes pop.

If you’re a photographer wanting more training in lighting, creativity, or technique, I have live seminars around the country and lots of online courses right here on this site as well.

And until next time, America.