The Big Iceland Photo Tour is Coming Up! Time to Reserve YOUR Spot!

Time is getting close to finalize the count, which means you need to reserve your spot NOW!! I don’t know if this opportunity will come again, and this covers everything. You could not do this trip on your own.

  • It’s not just for Pro photographers, it’s for anyone that loves photography, travel, the outdoors, adventure, and wants to see Iceland like no one else.
  • All inclusive program (minus your flight and alcohol)
  • Everyone has a private room with a shower and Internet.
  • You can get a discount if you share a room.
  • You can get a discount if you pay the balance in cash (as Iceland taxes business heavily).
  • Every participant is treated equal and given special attention, especially because we’ll have an elite local pro there with us and the group will be small.
  • FYI, I got an email advertising something similar for about $3000 more than this! Our gig is really a great deal!

The weather will be nice as Iceland is gorgeous and lush. This is ALL-INCLUSIVE, from when you land to when you leave! Eight nights of hotels, travel through the country, personal instruction — everything is covered except for your flight! We will take you to the best places and then help you get the most amazing images possible!

There is a lot more info here with the official website and pricing here

Come! It’ll be so AMAZING!!