Why Having Systems is Important – #89 Q&A

Learning and breaking things down to systems, means you have something to work on specifically after a workshop or some training, rather than getting a bunch of random info that is hard to duplicate on your own.

Having systems means simplifying things into specific categories and steps, and it gives you the ability to compare other systems to yours, and see what you may want to incorporate or change.

Here are some systems to think about. What to do when you pick up a camera, for lighting women so they look amazing anywhere, for nailing your color and exposure without excuse, for culling through images after a shoot, for retouching quickly but beautifully, what are your systems for mixing flash with ambient light, what’s your system for getting clients to relax, for getting them to change up their pose continually, how do you refine a shot or keep a shoot changing, what’s your sales systems?

And finally, how do these various systems work together, or do they? Do they accentuate and help the other systems to run smoothly and to save you time, or are they in conflict?

For instance, shooting thousands of images at a shoot may make you feel like you have more variety, but it costs vastly more in time later as you have to cull through all of them, maybe even retouch them, and it certainly impacts sales negatively too. But on the other hand, lighting women amazingly so they don’t need retouching, and shooting fewer images with far more variety means that later the culling process is quick and smooth.

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