Adaptive Lighting & Social Dynamics – Webinar for Rowlett, Texas Photography Club

On the evening of September 16th, I’ll be doing a webinar for photographers in the Rowlett Texas Photography Club (near Dallas) called:

Adaptive Lighting & Social Dynamics

I’ll be combining my two most requested subjects for one night of inspiration and information to help you see and connect differently on you next shoot.

Adaptive Lighting

As artists, we usually try to align the stars in our favor by setting up shoots at the perfect time of day and in perfect locations. But as working photographers, we often have to show up to a situation and make the lighting work without excuse. Maybe we have a high school senior that can only come when the sun is harsh. Or maybe we show up to a wedding to find it dark, rainy, and windy.

True creativity comes through problem solving and pushing ourselves beyond our current comfort zone. Learn to adapt your lighting to your constantly changing environment. Get great skin tones at any time of day (daytime, afternoon, sunset, twilight), while also getting fantastic and emotionally vivid backgrounds and skies. Learn to do this quickly and efficiently so that you can shoot manually for complete control and consistent results, while also being completely engaged with your client for wonderful expressions.

Knowing how to master harsh environments and really nail your images in difficult situations not only means you’ll have great portfolio samples, but it’ll give you more confidence for your everyday work as well.

Being adaptive in your lighting techniques and knowing these skills will make you and your work stand out from the competition, you’ll be more creative, a better problem solver, and you’ll save an
immense amount of time in post production as well.

Social Dynamics

Every client comes to a shoot with a psychological wall up. To really capture someone’s true personality and create an emotional portrait means knowing how to get through that wall to the real person behind the fake smiles.

There are reasons children and adults either respond to us or not. There are reasons why some people are easier to connect with while others are harder. We need to understand the psychology behind this so we can better connect with our clients, young and old.

Our clients come to us often as strangers. Maybe we’ve exchanged emails and phone calls with the mom, but the family shows up cold. No one really knows us, and they have a facade up. Same with a wedding or high school senior. We meet moments before the shoot starts, not knowing the people we’re photographing. We need everyone to relax, let their guard down, and look their absolute best.

We need true expressions. And we have just moments to do it and create works of art.

As the artist, we’re in charge of the mood – and we need to take charge of controlling that. It is up to us to help people relax, to get the great expressions, to break through our client’s walls, to get them to let their guard down, and to trust us with honest and real expressions, no matter their personality or background.


Event Details

Rowlett, Texas Photography Club – Facebook Page

Thursday, September 16, 2021

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm CST

RSVP by going to this event page and registering. You’ll be given a Zoom link info.

$25 Attendance