Weeklong Training Event “Texas School” Registration Opens January 3! Event in April 24-29th 2022

Adaptive Lighting, Quality, & Personal Connection

Much of what we do every day as photographers is the same thing, over and over. If we can improve and streamline those systems, we can be far more productive, make more money, while focusing on quality and connecting personally with our clients to capture real emotion and get better sales.

Learn to light adaptively to quickly handle any situation, no matter the type of portraits you specialize in (families, children, weddings, or high school seniors). Learn to create more powerful photographs with more variety, while actually shooting fewer images, and being ninja-fast in your workflow.

Get Personal Challenges to Grow

You’ll get personal challenges and assignments utilizing models, advanced lighting techniques, with continually changing gear, styles, and locations.

Learn my systems for nailing exposure and color (inside, outside, with any gear), as well as making clients look amazing with light – before retouching. You’ll learn my secrets of social dynamics to so you can read people and get strangers to relax on camera. You’ll learn new ways of thinking about posing and directing so no two shoots look the same. And you’ll practice systems of engaging people to pull out and capture someone’s true personality with more powerful and true expressions.

Digital Workflow + Psychology of Pricing and Sales

Combing all these systems, you’ll have better images before Photoshop than most people have after. Plus we’ll take those images further with clean and fast retouching methods and workflow – nothing hidden behind the scenes. Your workflow will be faster, and your images will have a crisp, expensive commercial look while also being more real and emotionally captivating.

Finally I’ll change the way you think about business by sharing what I call the Psychology of Pricing and Sales. These concepts will help reshape the way you price and sell, so you make more money with more emotionally powerful images.

Regardless of your level, the type of gear you have, or whether you’ve taken my class before, if you’re serious about your portrait photography business, I’ll make you a better, more creative, more confident portrait photographer.

Event Details

Date of Event – April 24-29th, 2022

Location – Addison Texas (Outside of Dallas)

Registration – Registration Opens January 3rd, 2022 at 11PM CST!