Adobe Photoshop Touch for Phones, + Muse Updates

Adobe Photoshop Touch for Phone

Today, Adobe released Adobe Photoshop Touch for phones. I’ve loved the iPad version for some time now, and have wanted it on my phone, and today it has been released for only $4.99 available for iPhone / iPod and Android.

Adobe-PSTouch-Iphone  Adobe-PSTouch-Iphone-price

In you are unfamiliar with Adobe Photoshop Touch, it gives you layers, blending modes, and lots of controls, but it is a very simple and slimmed down version made for quick work or creative ideas. It works well with Creative Cloud, in that you can start designing or working in the field on your iPad or iPhone, save your layers to your Creative Cloud disk space, then share those files with clients or open those files on your CS6 desktop version of Photoshop for even more control later.

I especially like Photoshop Touch for doing some quick prep on an iPhone image before posting to Facebook, Instagram, or sharing with friends. And knowing that you can extract a background, use filters, stack layers, and use blending modes right on your phone should really get your creative juices going when you’re out in the field, and excited about taking a basic phone photo further.

Adobe Muse Updates

For those Adobe Muse users, there are some new updates released that are great, and they are available for both Muse stand alone subscribers and Creative Cloud members.

This release delivers some of the top-requested productivity features requested by Adobe Muse users, and adds new functionality that is familiar to designers who use InDesign, including:

  • Hierarchical Master pages
  • Spelling checker
  • Widget updates
  • Site preview enhancements
  • Site export improvements

To get the updates, run the update feature inside Adobe Muse or through Adobe Application Manager. More info on Muse and the updates can be seen here.