Detailed Info on What I’ll Be Teaching at Image Explorations, Week-Long Workshop Coming Up

Nothing is better than getting hands-on training for a week. Exact dates and links can be seen in the Schedule section of this site. I expect it to sell out as these types of training are limited in spaces to keep the learning personal.


What You Will Learn

How do you make normal people look amazing without excuses? How do you come up with new poses for each client that are believable, that both follow and break the rules at the same time? How do you simply and quickly light people with control, in a custom way in any situation, inside and out? How do you streamline your workflow to the fastest but also most creative system? And how do you charge more, handle price concerns, and become better at sales so that you get paid what you’re worth?

A successful portrait business requires that you are proficient in many areas and in this program, I will share with you my complete system, broken into parts. My program is called “Celebrity Style Imaging” because it’s the trademarked name of my studio where I photograph my day-to-day clients the same way I photograph my VIP clients, with a focus on exquisite lighting, emotion, and individual character.

Together we will go step-by-step from mindset, creation, posing, lighting, composition, camera and lighting settings, to workflow, and the secrets to pricing and great sales. You should leave feeling more creative, more competent, more efficient, and know how to be more profitable.

Part I

The first half will cover all the aspects of image creation. We will go through specific camera and lighting set-ups, using the equipment that you already have, so that you can create a perfect match of lighting and exposure for any situation whether you’re in the studio or on location, from daylight to sunset on into twilight and total darkness.


We’ll work with live models to get real emotion, believable expressions, and use new poses that flatter and change from shoot to shoot. No longer will you be shooting the same thing, over and over again.

We will use off-camera lighting, studio lighting, reflectors, and particular techniques that will make your clients look great without excuse. After this you’ll know how to do this again and again, whether it be on location, in a studio, in broad daylight, or at night.


We will continually use my 3 step process for lighting a woman so she doesn’t need retouching, as well as my 3 steps for getting the perfect exposure and perfect color balance in camera. Doing this will make great habits and will make the second part of the week extra productive.


Part II

In the second half, we will focus on everything after the shoot, particularly on digital workflow, pricing, and sales. Using the images created in class, I will show you how to take them further quickly with digital enhancement. I won’t do any work behind the scenes, but will share my system to being faster on the computer at every stage. This is the fastest path through Lightroom and Photoshop, and will take the “work” out of your “workflow.”


We will use the time spent on the computer as an investment into our sale instead of time wasted correcting images. We will use the time that most people spend correcting images to instead have fun creating works of art in order to charge more and make more money. We’ll make fast paintings in minutes, enhance images with textures and overlays, and we’ll create templates you can keep and use later, so that you go home working faster.

We’ll then take the finished products we’ve created and use them in a specific and adaptable sales presentation so that you’ll get the most for each portrait session. You’ll understand how to better price each item and how to overcome objections to higher prices. You’ll understand how to be a great and helpful salesperson, while not being pushy.

And as a bonus, everyone in my class will also get a free week with full access to all my training videos and content on

Booking Information

Book early as the classes are limited in size. Links to the two workshops with costs and details are in the Schedule section of this site. Again, it is called Image Explorations.

Photographers come from all over the world to attend workshops here, so there will be a lot of photographers to meet and hang out with, along with fun to be had at night. It’s a great opportunity to come learn, make new friends, and see old ones while making a difference in your business.