Adobe Spark, Glacier in the Fog with Bry Cox

Have you tried Adobe Spark? It’s a free way to create a web responsive page or story that you can share. Earlier versions of Spark were called ‘Adobe Slate’ (for text and photos), ‘Adobe Voice’ (for video and animations), and they were only available for Apple iPads.

Now they’ve been combined into one larger and better app using photos, videos, and even Adobe Spark animations. And you can create Spark stories via a computer in your web browser, or using your iPhone or iPad app. You can even start a project in the field on one device (like your iPad using the app), and then resume and finish the project later back at your desktop computer (using the browser). The projects are just synced across devices using your Adobe Creative Cloud login.

Here’s one I created using images of my recent trip to Glacier National Park on a beautiful foggy day.
Adobe Spark Page

There are now three Adobe Spark apps you can use. Search your Apple App Store and download these and see what you think.

  • Adobe Spark Page is for web stories. That’s what I created above. It’s a responsive, magazine style story that is best with photos.
  • Adobe Spark Post is for creating social image and videos, ready for Instagram or Facebook. It gives you the ability to pull images from your Lightroom or photo library, or even get free images. You can then add text to those photos and then output as a flat photo or even animate the text over the photo for a video – ready for upload into Instagram or Facebook.
  • Adobe Spark Video is for creating animations in minutes. It’s not for filming video, but it helps you combine text and images using themes. And you can speak with your own voice to create a voice over for the final video.