Bry Cox & Bryan Welsh – Utah’s Super One Day for PPA on Business of Photography

What an amazing event! My friend Bryan Welsh flew in to Utah so that we could teach a joint Super-One-Day for PPA on the Business of Photography. The event went really well, and it ended with a powerful and emotional ending.

I’m appreciative to the photographers that came, and I hope the information we shared helps them each in their photography businesses immensely.

As an overview of what we taught, we split the day up into sections. We started the morning out with Bryan Welsh’s program on entrepreneurship, and then one of my favorite programs on mindset, what I call the ‘Psychology of Pricing,’ (available for members as a streaming video here). That set the stage for the details coming after lunch.

We all went to lunch together and continued to chat about photography and other things. Then after lunch, Bryan talked about his Legacy plan for clients, and we got more into the nuts and bolts of high-end marketing and personal one-on-one sales.

We had a few people stay about an hour or so longer with questions, and when it was all over, we knew we had packed the day with great information.

Then while Bryan was in town, we filmed a number of short, free videos to be released weekly for the next while on my Facebook training page as well as my YouTube channel – which can also be seen right here.

Here’s one video we created on the importance of selling and displaying physical prints and canvases.

And of course we shot a quick portrait of the two of us in my studio gardens with the simplest of setups so that we’d have images for future speaking gigs together.

If you’d like to attend a live event, check out my workshop schedule. And of course, you can train at home with hours and hours of streaming HD content, right here on my site for members too.

And until next time, America.