Do You Display & Sell Canvases and Prints as a Photographer – Quick Video #100

As a photographer, do you have a current family portrait on your wall? Is your headshot on your website current? When clients visit with you, do you show and sell physical canvases and prints? And do you have large samples displayed appropriately in various sizes on various walls?

Today, Bryan Welsh of Hillsboro, Oregon sits down with Bry Cox of Utah, and they talk about the importance of print. We as photographers need to believe in the power of print if we expect our clients to also believe in it too.

Of course, making large beautiful prints means detailed and professional work from lighting, camera work, workflow, and sales. For more training on getting well lit, beautifully exposed, and tack sharp images for your large prints, as well as a clean and fast workflow behind the scenes, and then training on personal one-on-one sales, check out the deeper and full courses in the member section on this site.