Bry Cox Giving 2 Programs in Pennsylvania, April 3-4, 2017

I’m coming to Pennsylvania to speak at the PPA of PA “Inspire Convention” on April 3rd and 4th, 2017.

Special thanks to my sponsor, I’ll be there to do two programs. First, a half-day program on the 3rd, free for all convention attendees. The second event is a full day add-on, limited to a small group.

Registration Information

Program 1

Half-Day Convention Program: Celebrity Style Imaging

A more creative fashion style makes you stand out when you photograph weddings, high school seniors, or even families and children.

Come spend the day with me in Pennsylvania where we’ll cover three big areas: lighting, workflow, and high-end sales. We’ll start with lighting systems for perfectly nailing exposure and color balance – inside, on location, and with any brand of gear. We’ll talk about my three secrets to making women look amazing with light, as well as unique and higher-end lighting styles to make you stand out.

Following my lighting system means better images going into Photoshop than most people have coming out. And we’ll take those images even further in part two with a clean and fast Adobe workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop. No matter how fast you are, I’ll make you faster. I’ll share tricks for fast retouching so your images have a clean, crisp, expensive commercial look while also being more real and captivating.

Finally, we’ll close with how to sell these images for more money including how to best present them and how to overcome common objections like price.

With so much competition, it’s more crucial than ever to have a high-end style that blends creativity and pro techniques. Have an eye-grabbing portfolio, killer marketing images, and leave future shoots with stronger images. Create more variety while actually shooting fewer images, and be ninja-fast in your workflow.

Program 2

Extra Add-On Day & Photo Walk

Join us on a live shoot as we go even further, creating magazine style image using the fashion lighting and retouching concepts shared previously. Limited to a small group, you’ll see how these techniques really work. We’ll get powerful expressions and beautiful light as we photograph a model on our photo walk through town.

We’ll go through a number of lighting styles and techniques, including multiple flashes and even natural light, using a variety of backgrounds. And no matter what, we’ll make her skin and eyes pop, giving her a retouched look in camera – while also nailing color and exposure without excuse.

See the interaction, the expressions, the poses that change from shoot to shoot, and how to get more creativity and variety while shooting fewer images.

This system makes our workflow quicker and sales sessions smoother. And we’ll show that by gathering after the shoot to critique the images while going through the full workflow process in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Being on the Adobe Evangelist team, I know I’ll increase your speed and quality, no matter your skill level.

There’s a lot I’ll be prepared to cover, and with more time and a smaller group on this extra day, we can go more in depth into the areas you most want, making sure we cover your individual questions.

At the end of the day, all of this training should help you kick ­butt in your market.

Come & Share This Info

If you’re a Pennsylvania photographer or live nearby, come to this event. And let’s make this a big event. Share this info with your other photographer friends too, because a strong industry is good for all of us.

See you soon, PPA of PA!