Bry Cox Interviewed and Featured in Professional Photographers Magazine (Read Online for Free)

I was interviewed for a feature article in Professional Photographers Magazine, which is now out in this current November 2017 issue. The interview covers some highlights, 9 major tips from my 6 hour course called the Psychology of High End Sales.

I’ll be sharing even more detailed information in my upcoming platform program at the big photography national convention, ImagingUSA in January in Nashville.

This magazine article is positive and full of great information for photographers looking to succeed in the business of photography. And it’s a great way to come prepared to my ImagingUSA program where we’ll go even deeper into the subject.

In this article, I share 9 tips to help photographers with their sales. If you’re a professional photographer, you should automatically receive the magazine. But they’ve also made this article available online for free here at

Read the article, let me know what you think. And come see my program in Nashville in January at ImagingUSA.

And until next time, America.