Train with Bry Cox for One Week in Texas!


Once a year, there’s a big event where photographers from all over fly to Texas to train for an entire week with one Master Photographer of their choice. It’s a chance to learn hands-on with photographers like myself in small groups, every single day, on a number of photographic subjects. Plus you get credit towards earning your own PPA degrees like Master or Craftsman.

My class is limited to 25 people and usually sells out the first day of registration. This price is low for this event making it a great value for a few reasons. First, you’ll spend time learning from well-known photographers in small groups for an entire week. Secondly, there are a number of classes so that means a lot of photographers which means one of the biggest trade shows in the country, free sponsored dinners, give aways, and big nightly events each night for everyone. You’ll make new photographer friends from around the country, be able to chat with other instructors, see how they work, shoot live models, and your own get hands-on instruction.


[UPDATED] Registration is now open, and my class always sells out. Last I heard there were still a few slots open, so book soon to secure your seat. All the registration details are at Then of course join the group’s Facebook page.


April 24th – 29th, 2016

Outside of Dallas in the Addison area
InterContinental Hotel and Conference Center
15201 Dallas Parkway, Dallas Tx. 75001


How do you photograph clients and make them look like celebrities? How do you connect with them, bring out their personality in no time at all, nail your exposures and color in any situation inside and out, all while your client just opens up and moves and gives you new poses? How do you make powerful images that capture real personality, that are incredibly different from the norm, and worth more money?

My famous and VIP clients come to me because they want unique images, created in short, quick shoots, that yield amazing results without excuse. And the same goes for my normal clients too which is why I trademarked the name of my studio, “Celebrity Style Imaging.” I photograph everyone with this approach, making everyone look and feel like a celebrity, focusing on exquisite lighting, emotion, and individual character.

In Texas I’ll share my entire system as we work with live models. You’ll see my secrets of pulling out real emotion, believable expressions, and new poses that flatter and change from shoot to shoot. You’ll see my set-ups, how to get a perfect match of lighting and color from studio to outdoors, daylight to sunset, and on into twilight and total darkness. No excuses, just perfect images out of camera – anywhere.

Un-retouched, un-enhanced, un-corrected images Bry created while teaching at Texas School 2015.

It will take some practice, but when you follow my system, your images will look better going into Photoshop than most photographers’ images look coming out. That already means a faster workflow, but I will still make you faster. I’ll share exactly what I do with full disclosure, taking the “work out of workflow.” Time on the computer is an investment into your sales and shouldn’t be wasted correcting images.

Finally we’ll end with my specific but adaptable sales presentation so that you’ll see just how to take these powerful images into a sales appointment and get the most for them, without being pushy and while keeping the client’s needs first.

Maybe you’re naturally creative or tend to be more technical. It won’t matter. This is a class on balance where we’ll use our natural tendencies while growing in our weak areas. I will help you no matter your background.

You’ll learn my system of creating images that are creative, emotional, but also technically awesome. You’ll know how to do this over and over, in any situation with a variety of people, locations, and lighting options including off-camera flash, studio lighting, reflectors, and more. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to approach any situation with minimal gear and confidence.

Create better images, be faster in your workflow, nail your posing, lighting, exposure, color, but also capture more emotion, beauty and creativity. Be a better salesperson, know how to charge, and have the confidence to approach any lighting situation.


And as a bonus, everyone in my class will get a free 2-week pass to all my tutorial videos and content on so that you can review what you’ve learned once you’re home.


I love all the thank you cards and emails I get after events like this. This one below is one of my favorites.

Bry, Teacher, mentor,

I would have said all this in person but I get extremely emotional and tried my best to act like I could keep it together,

You have changed my life. I will now be looking at the world differently. I tried to write down as much as I could of your comments not just about photography but everything (the world, how people view things and live their life).

The amount of information was overwhelming, but in a great way. I will be working on one thing at a time starting with the typing up of my written notes. Your upbeat way of explaining how to do things without the bogging down with technical info allowed me to actually have a vision of what we were trying to achieve (which for me is earth shattering). I won’t go into each thing but simply wanted to express my appreciation for you and the thankfulness of having chosen the right class and the right instructor. When I think about waking last August from a coma and not knowing who my wife was and not being able to move my arms or legs or even to be able to feed myself, I am already grateful for every single day and now I have a look towards the future that is extremely hopeful.

The small amount of experience I had before was simply youth sports… Bry I will end this long thank you note and ask if you ever do one-on-ones even for a half day, I would gladly hop in the car and drive to Utah for the experience, and only after at least 6 months of putting into practice what you shared with us this week.

Sincerely a big fan

And here are more testimonials sent to me.


I focus on 3 parts of your business that need to all work together: (1) Perfect and exquisite lighting created on purpose with any light source, (2) super fast production behind the scenes, (3) and a specific strategy for pricing and sales so that you can continue to survive and thrive as a photographer and artist.

In part 1, we will work with live models and learn how to use flashes, strobes, umbrellas, soft boxes, reflectors and even natural light to perfectly light people correctly. And what is the correct way to light people? It’s a very simple 3-step system when done right means you don’t have to retouch your images. It won’t change your style, but it will change how great things look.

Un-retouched, un-enhanced, un-corrected images Bry created while teaching at Texas School 2015.
Un-retouched, un-enhanced, un-corrected images Bry created while teaching at Texas School 2015.

In part 2, we’ll use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop in the fastest ways I know. I’m an Adobe software partner and know some of the best tricks and systems in the industry, and will be sharing with you the fastest ways I know to get your images in and out of the software fast, as well as how to have fun and take your images further creatively. Whether you are advanced or not, you will learn a ton and work much faster than you currently are now. And no matter how fast you are right now, I’ll speed you up.

My philosophy is that time spent on the computer should be an investment into your sales and not time spend correcting images. That means having fun, and I’ll show you some really fun things you can do too with your photos to not only have artistic fun, but also to help you sell them for more money.

FAST painted portrait created by Bry in minutes while teaching at Texas School 2015.
FAST painted portrait created by Bry in minutes while teaching at Texas School 2015.


In part 3, we’ll analyze my system of pricing and selling. It does no good to create great images if you can’t make a living selling them, so we’ll talk about how to handle objections and concerns and how to set good boundaries using these new methods.

So again, all three of these parts need to work together, and we will break them down and go through them for an entire week at Texas School. No matter where you feel you are strong or weak, when we go through these areas together and really spend some time perfecting the pieces, you’ll return home with new eyes, new skills, and a new perspective on your business.

Images I Created at Texas School

I don’t hold back on what I share and teach in Texas. Nothing I do is “behind the scenes.” Everything is in the open and all of these images were created in front of everyone. Ask me anything, and learn how to do exactly the same thing, doing short, quick photo shoots, getting awesome images, and getting perfect images out of camera so that there’s no need for retouching.

Most of these shoots are less than 10 minutes long. See how quickly you can work. Learn my lighting setups, how I talk with the clients to get real expressions, and see my before and after shots and how I finish my portraits with Adobe software.

See some the images I created while teaching at Texas School 2015

©, Bry Cox
©, Bry Cox

See some of the images I created while teaching at Texas School 2014

Cox_Texas2013_-326-noretouch Cox_Texas2013_-326-edge

As an example, here is my before and after. The first image has no cropping, no retouching, no lightening, darkening, color correction, vignettes, contrast or anything else. It is straight out of the camera. The second image has a few slight adjustments. And they only need to be slight because the work is 95% done in camera.

I will teach you how to create images that are better straight out of your camera, than most photographer’s images are after tons of computer time.


My class always sells out, sometimes literally in minutes. Registration details are at I’ll see you there!