Bry Cox – One Big Rule of Fashion Posing (& Breaking the Rules)

Posing is incredibly important, but as artists, we want to break out, do something different, break traditional rules and create works that are fresh and new. So how do we break the rules of posing to create images that are fun, creative and still make the client look fabulous? How do we avoid using the same poses on every shoot?

First we need to understand the purposes behind traditional rules of posing in order to break the rules. Fashion magazines inspire us all with their ability to be untraditional, but in actuality fashion actually too has its rules.


What are these rules? They are that every image has to accomplish something, everything in the image has to work towards the goal or it is a distraction and works against it, and no matter what we are always working to make people look better.

Maybe you’ve seen me demo live at a workshop, my fashion approach for creating new poses throughout a shoot. The trick is to find poses that work and are continuously changing and new. It is possible to get fun and creative images using new and untraditional poses, while still making people look amazing! Remember that being a professional means that you have to make people look great without excuse, despite someone’s body shape, clothing, location, or the lack of time to create.

Nevertheless, before you try it, you have to understand the rules. So whether you’re using traditional poses or using my fashion approach for new and creative poses on every shoot, the same rules apply – you need to know what makes a person look bigger or smaller in a two-dimensional world, and you have to see all the details at once, quickly.

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