Bry’s PowerPack Photoshop Actions, Loading, Using, Retro Effects

Did you buy my actions? Here’s how you load them into Photoshop so that you can get using them! If you don’t have them yet, you can get them here.

Part 1: Loading Your New Actions into Photoshop

Part 2: Start Using Bry’s Actions

Now that you’re Actions are all loaded up and ready to use, let’s see how to use them effectively. Notice how my actions are specifically stackable. No matter how much work each Action does, it only adds one layer at the end. That means that they will work right over top of your current layers, leaving your work alone.

The only ones that won’t keep your layers are the Retro Camera Effects (bottom green set). You may want to take a snapshot first before using these, but everything else will keep your layers.

Part 3: Bry’s Vignettes, Retro Camera Effects, and Fast Sizing

Now see how the last sets of actions all work.