Creativity & Mindset Course is Now Live : Creating Emotional Images – The Yin and Yang of Organization and Chaos

The Creativity and Mindset program I’ve been sharing at in person events around the country and recently too as a webinar to over 600 people, is now available for purchase or streaming.

Photographers are asking for inspiration. They feel creatively stuck, and want that inner fire back. Understanding key concepts on how the brain works means you can short-circuit your mind into being hyper-creative when you need it. Re-light your inner fire and create meaningful work. Learn what it is to be “in the zone,” and how to get into that mental space on every shoot.

I’m excited to have it online and you can watch in three ways:

1. Purchase as a one-time digital download for $99

When you purchase this as a digital download, you pay a one-time fee and get this 2 hour video course as a digital download in 720p HD video. Watch it as much as you’d like as many times as you’d like, and on any of your own personal devices anytime. Get the Download.

2. Stream with a super-cheap Trial Membership, $18 for 30 Days

Watch this as much as you’d like online and with various devices, for 30 days in up to HD 1080p video. No need to cancel either. Trial Memberships expire automatically after 30 days. Get Your Trial Membership.

3. Stream this and all other full courses with your Full Membership

If you’re already a Full Member, immediately starting watching this course here. Watch this as much as you’d like online and with various devices, in up to HD 1080p video, as well as all the other full courses. If you’re not a Full Member, Get Your Full Membership Here.

This entire video course is 2 hours, but here’s a short 1 minute teaser…