Images from ‘Texas School’ 2018 Weeklong Workshop – Part 2

Once a year I speak at this big event for photographers called Texas School. It’s at the end of April and photographers from all over the US and abroad fly in to train and learn for an entire week. It’s always one of my favorite events, and part of my teaching style is to give photographers personal challenges using custom lighting while shooting models to see how they do.

And at the end of the week, we have a shootout where photographers from all classes can see quick demos from various instructors. For those demos, I was given a cool Ferrari as a backdrop, and a bunch of models that would come through every few minutes. I photographed the models very quickly shooting about 10-15 photos per model in just a few minutes using some quick lighting techniques.

It was perfect for showing a crowd of photographers the essentials for shooting a variety of poses, using lighting to sculpt and define faces and bodies, as well as metering, white balance, and getting clients to relax in front of the camera. Behind me, you can see groups of photographers like this, shooting their own photos. And despite crowds of people moving through my background, here are some of my favorite images I created that evening.

Here’s me shooting, in this behind-the-scenes image.

To see more images created during this week, including in studio, see Part 1. And if you’d like to attend Texas School and get a week’s work of intense instruction, check out

And until next time, America.