Posing: Secrets to Posing Men & Women, and Breaking the Rules

Artists want to break out – do something different – break traditional rules and create works that are fresh and new.  So how do we break the rules of posing to create images that are fun, creative and still make the client look fabulous?

As artists, we want to stand out, be original, and have a style all our own.  We desire to be recognized by our images, and not blend in with the crowd.  Because of this need, there is a growing trend to be hip and unconventional.

I understand this, and have used unconventional and creative posing as a way to stand out.  However, an image isn’t just about grabbing attention.  The real reason we create portraits is to make each client look great and feel great.  Fancy software effects or crazy poses shouldn’t be just about the trick.  They need to add to the greater purpose – to make your client look great!

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