Sales, The Sky Fell – Part I

As I packed my truck for the shoot, the ominous skies were dumping rain. My client, a lovely and quietly affluent mom called me stressed. Her large family had come especially for this event and she was worried about postponing. But even still, I myself don’t like postponing shoots, especially for bad weather. It’s always wiser to go ahead and get what images you can when you can.

I reassured her, “The shoot will go off beautifully. Rainy days are great and we’ll make it work.” I imagined shooting during a drizzly lull, or worst case I could use the magnificent home’s interior.

Photographic artists are called upon to be problem-solving creatives, and this was a day I’d have to employ that skill in spades. Still, creativity must not surpass technical skill. The pro must capture life beautifully in the camera instead of the hit-or-miss exercise, which forces one to over-use Photoshop to patch up problems. Technical ability also makes for a faster workflow, and educated high-end clients often see through the lack of technical skills.

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