WHCC Video Tour BryCox.com

Tom of WHCC just got home from a cross county motorcycle tour this summer where he visited photo studios across the USA. I was one of them, and WHCC created a video tour of my studio and garden areas. We also talked marketing and flying drones for fun and commercial work. See the full 7 minute video here…

While Tom was in town, we rode our motorcycles all over Utah. Here are some of the photographs I took on our adventure. Images are from my drone and my manual point and shoot camera. Both of these cameras were of course purchased from my friends at Arlington Camera in Texas.

Just outside of my town is the Great Salt Lake, which gives us miles of beautiful open country to tour on our bikes.

And driving the other direction gives us canyons, mountains, lots of fun windy roads, and places like beautiful vistas where we can stop and look off.

And of course heading out the famous Bonneville Salt Flats means driving a very cool and completely straight desert road that goes for hours.

We saw quite a few hippies heading out to Burning Man along our journey. This particular car reminded me of the Clampets from the Beverly Hill Billies, moving out west.

Once at the Bonneville Salt Flats, it’s nothing but miles and miles of straight salt, even around and beyond those mountains behind us.

And here were are, enjoying the sunset, on that completely straight horizon.

Here’s the sunset from my point and shoot camera.

And until next time, America.