Creating Expression – The Art of Social Dynamics, Online 2 Hour Course in HD Video

This two hour course covers the key aspects to the art of social dynamics. There are reasons children and adults will either respond to us or not. There are reasons why some people are easier to connect with and others are harder. We need to understand these, and know just how to get through and connect with our clients, young and old – and that’s what this course will teach you.

We have just moments to connect with strangers, and create works of art. Clients come in, more often as strangers. Their children are often young and worried about us and the new location they’re in. Our client’s moods vary depending on stress levels, and people have their wall up and want to give us their pretend “smile.”

As the artist, we need to realize that we’re in charge of the mood – and we need to take charge of controlling that. It is up to us to help people relax, to get the great expressions, to break through our client’s walls, to get them to let their guard down, and to trust us with honest and real expressions, no matter their personality or background.

This course covers exactly that. I share the social dynamic principles and reasons as to why some things work and why other things don’t. I share examples, show photos, teach you my exact toy and puppet routines for children, as well as how to start conversations with adult strangers in ways to come across as a friend.

This course is available for immediate streaming below for members, or as DVD for purchase in the store.

And all of this goes hand-in-hand with my ‘Light Like a Master‘ course, also available for streaming for members as well as for purchase on DVD. That course on lighting and posing and getting things perfect in camera is important so that you can really focus on people, and connecting with people. And connecting with people is what this course is all about.

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