How I Created These Smooth-Ocean Sunset Scenics in San Diego

While doing a wedding in San Diego this last weekend, I arrived a day early to avoid travel complications and to shoot the ocean. Here are some of my favorites that I created that night. Below I’ll show how I create them.

I love these images, they are surreal, calming, and inspiring. And here’s step by step how I created them.

First I drove the coast looking for the right spot. I wanted a shore with rocks, texture, serenity, and I wanted to be away from the public and also wanted to be facing west towards the sunset. When I found this sign, I knew I was in the right spot.

While waiting for sunset, I took this image of myself using a camera with self-timer on a pole. Then I waited for the sun to set.

First I’ll talk about how I shot them, then how I processed them. But keep in mind that the absolute best time to photograph images like this is not when you think.

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