Artist of Light – Light Like a Master – Online 3 Hour Course in HD Video

I have been a full time portrait photographer for 20 years, and here is exactly what I do on each shoot. It’s a system that is customizable to any type of portrait shoot, families, children, individuals, groups, weddings. This works on location, it works in a studio, it works anywhere. Doing this system you’ll get perfect exposures, perfect color and skin tones, you’ll get great expression, and you’ll have full control.

It takes some practice and you’ll have to learn the manual features that give you full control and give up the auto features that keep you guessing why things aren’t working. But when you do, it’ll all get easier and easier. You’ll see solutions in your mind, you’ll be more creative, and you’ll be able to light someone amazingly well in any circumstance.

This is everything, all 3 hours of my lighting course. For the first hour I first break the system down into parts. These are the things I think about quickly during an actual shoot. After that we go into some various shoot and use these systems. You’ll come with me through various photo shoots, inside and outside and in various lighting conditions. The we review the photos from the shoot and the poses, talking about what worked and what didn’t. And you see the images un-retouched too, to see how well the systems all worked.

In the outdoor shooting situations, you’ll often see me holding my own main light. Don’t feel the need to do that if you don’t want to. I tend to work fast, and I like my light to move as quickly as my ideas. But I’ve also worked up to that over the years. Try standing your light on the ground, just like it were in the studio, or have an assistant hold your light if you need. And if you’d like to see how I’ve got my light pole rigged, here’s a link to an article on exactly that.

This course is available for immediate streaming below for members, or as DVD for purchase in the store.

And all of this goes hand-in-hand with my ‘Getting Expression – The Art of Social Dynamics‘ course, also available for members, or for purchase on DVD. During this lighting course, you see me talking with models and getting the expressions I want. And the ‘Getting Expressions’ course goes into more detail into the Social Dynamics of why and how to do exactly that.

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