Quick Digital Workflow and Processing of ‘Gel Flash’ Images

I posted an article previously on a shoot where I tested the Rogue line of flash gels. There I talk about how I used the gels to create different background colors in camera, while keeping the models face and skin-tones correct. All of the color and exposure work is done in camera – no digital effects!


Here is a video walking you through my entire digital workflow and post production from raw camera files to printing.

Keep in mind that the more work you do in camera and with lighting, the less work you have to do in post. With this shoot as with every shoot, I am thinking about and using my 3 steps on lighting women, and my 3 steps to a perfect exposure and white balance.

The only difference here is that I’m using colored gels to light the model, setting my white balance custom to that light (and color) making the background go to the opposite color.

From there import the camera RAW files into Lightroom and then go from there. If you have any questions on what I’m doing in Lightroom and Photoshop, review other videos on those specifics.

And now to see the retouching in action…

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